Our Why

We are passionate about small business development.  When I say “development” I mean the life of the person who owns the small business- the small business owner.

Small business owners come to us because they would like to connect with other small business owners in a structured, professional, effective format led by a certified professional peer-to-peer moderator, and address some of the challenges that are unique to small business owners.

If your business is under $3M dollars, up to this point, not much has been available to you (most of the things out there are leads/referral groups or free things of varying levels of quality).

Why is what we do so important?

I have had 2 small business owners who I knew closely that failed their small business….one of them lost their home to the bank…the other went bankrupt. 

This left me wondering- What if?

What If?

  • They would have had a group of other small business owners to run problems, ideas, and thoughts past?
  • They would have had some kind of an online training platform to help them become better entrepreneurs?
  • Instead of working “harder” on a failing mission, they could have stepped back and gone from tactical to strategic?

What if?

The author Dan Kennedy suggests that for every business challenge, there are 2 paths.

  • One is a sad story- you are overcome by adversity.
  • The other is inspirational- you overcome adversity and triumph despite overwhelming odds.

Which will be your path?

We are interviewing small business owners in St. Louis, Kansas City and NW Arkansas

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Councils forming in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, MO, NW Arkansas and Virtually

We provide business leaders with the safe haven to gain unbiased and invaluable insight on how to promote consistent professional business growth. It has proven to be an integral part of our members' business strategy.